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Dumb Ass Of The Week: Plaxico Burress

Poor Plaxico purposefully placed a pistol in his pants pocket and now plans on paying penalties and no playing poor, poor pathetic Plaxico ( a little alliteration for yall).

Let me get this straight.

You’re walking around with $100,000 worth of jewelry on, like you’re B.A Barracas, you also decide you want to take an unregistered GLOCk into a nightclub in NYC. Now, any intelligent person would think otherwise to do either of these, but not Plaxico. He’s a GIANT, so he’s SPECIAL. He can do these things, and not have to worry about any possible repercussions. But wait, the genius drops the semiautomatic and then manages to shoot himself in the leg?

So not only are you now facing criminal charges, but you also look dumb as all hell. But wait, it gets better. Your own teammate, Antonio Pierce, refuses to go down with you and basically turned snitch (I don’t blame him), a doctor who went along with trying to cover it up is now facing her own issues. This situation is a typical domino effect. One persons actions, set off a whole slew of life changing events for the other people involved.

The whole situation reminds me of that Cher song, “If I Can Turn Back Time”. I’m sure right about now Plaxico wishes he had spent a quiet night at home with his wife Tiffany, who’ll probably also become an accessory.

Poor, poor & pitiful Plaxico.

Go Giants!

  1. December 5, 2008 - Reply

    What’s really sad about this whole thing it, for the DA to prove the charges they filed in order to send him to jail for the mandatory three and a half years, they have to prove that he intended to go there and shoot somebody, himself included. Since they cant prove that, he’ll probably walk on all the serious charges, probably probation and a fine. NOW, everybody else involved………they can go to jail for big time. Pierce for helping hide a crime, he can do big time. The doctor, she can do big time and lose her license. His wife, if she had any involvement, she’s going down too. The DA will probably be extra hard on everybody else because he sure is going to look like an idiot when Plaxico walks.
    What was that saying? “you can take a boy out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out the homeboy…….” What an idiot, he’s got a little change, he can hire a bodyguard to carry the heater………

    • December 5, 2008 - Reply


      Why do you need a glock and an unregistered one at that? Just idiotic actions all around….But you are right, it’s going to be tough for the DA to prove their case, but they’re going to try their best to make an example out of him and everyone involved.
      But it also goes to show, how some athletes feel they are invincible and have an egotistical attitude that has followed them through their whole sports career (from high-school, college, pro’s), it’s all about the preferential treatment that they’ve received or that they feel entitled to.

  2. December 6, 2008 - Reply

    I think athletes have an air of superiority. Someone seriously needs to implement a program for athletes while they’re in college, so they won’t go down the wrong road if/when they make it to the pros.

  3. December 7, 2008 - Reply

    His actions were idiotic as best, but lets not come down on all athletes or all of any group for that matter. Every group has its foolish individuals, and they are just that individuals, to be judged as individuals.

    • December 7, 2008 - Reply


      You are right, every group does have it’s foolish individuals, but also, some of those individuals tend to make others look bad…and no it’s not right to judge, but when you’re an athlete in the public eye, there’s an image that you need to be able to uphold. I think if professional athletes should get a little more guidance from their agents, etc..etc…besides them just looking to get their cut of the multi-million $ salary.

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