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#BornAndMade: Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price Shares Her Detangling Secrets For Perfect Curls


Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price is taking it back to her roots with her new “Born And Made” campaign.

Lisa, who started the company in a Brooklyn, NY kitchen, recently teamed up with women’s empowerment organization I Am That Girl to launch the new initiative with the intent of providing a virtual platform for young women to celebrate where they came from, who they are and what they stand for with just a few simple phrases. Speaking to Pop Sugar about collaborating with I Am That Girl, she had this to say:

“I love their idea and their mission in giving a place where girls and women can just talk and be themselves. They come to an I Am That Girl setting and they realize the insecurity and awkwardness doesn’t have to be there.”

Through establishing the “Born And Made” initiative, Lisa says it’s been inspiring to see the responses thus far. She is  particularly proud of the underlying confidence showcased through each testimonial.

The thing I love about the words is that they’re placed over your face, but your smile still shines through,” said Lisa. “It almost takes the superficial and puts it in the background, so your beauty is still there but it’s as though it’s shining from within, and what’s paramount is your message.”

Another highlight of the Born And Made campaign is that is shines the spotlight on female pop culture influencers rather than using celebrities or models as the faces of the initiative. Lisa says she was glad to pull inspiration from everyday women like her favorite natural hair vlogger Whitney White, who is among the women featured on the website.

As a bonus, PopSugar also got Lisa to dish on her secret to detangling her curls to achieve her flawlessly fabulous signature curly girl look.

“I will untangle my hair dry using coconut oil or conditioner and my fingers mostly until I can get a wide-tooth comb through it,” she explained. “That’s because it’s more likely to break when it’s wet. Dry, tangled hair has a 65 percent chance of breaking, while wet hair has a 95 percent chance of breaking.”

Her favorite ready-made product is the new Hair Milk 4-in-1 “Combing” Cream ($10), which she uses to detangle and define curls.

You can become a part of the “Born And Made” movement by creating your own customized campaign photo HERE.

  1. August 27, 2015 - Reply

    This is a great movement.

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