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You Have To See Why This College Student’s Homework Encouraging Women To “Embrace Your Essence” Went Viral



“Are my ears. Can you hear me? Haha, it is a necessity for me to wear earrings everyday. If not, I feel like I started my day on the wrong foot, and based on how hard I work, being on the wrong foot is not an option.”– Jewel

Images: Eva Woolridge Photography

  1. December 28, 2015 - Reply

    This is great news. The art series is very much important and valuable. To show the human dignity of women of different shapes and sizes is inspiring. Embracing the being of ourselves just has manifold benefits. When we embrace ourselves, we can embrace others too. Hopefully, during the future, more people will be more progressive on this subject socially. In that sense, true equality can come to people irrespective of sex or background. That goal is the goal that we are fighting for. Beauty is great. Yet, evil people view beauty as monolithic, limited, and very narrow minded. The truth is the opposite of the evil, erroneous viewpoint. Beauty is diverse and beauty doesn’t just deal with the outward appearance. Beauty is also found inward and it deals with the human soul and human compassion. When we help our neighbors, that’s a representation of beauty. When we accept others as equals and when we show love to human beings, that shows the beauty of ourselves and the beauty found in others. These principles are very old, but are honorable and true. I have looked at the photographs and they are excellent and magnificent.

    Also, black women will continue to show their images, their talents, and their humanity whether people like it or not. Black women are strong and contributed so much to the world.

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